The March

Beware of doorways through time… and not minding your business

Author and unwitting time traveler, Amelia Murray, finds herself stumbling back in time to 1755 in Colonial Virginia. The colonies are on the cusp of the French and Indian War, and General Braddock and his troops are sent from England to defeat the French invaders. 

Preventing the war, saving lives, and putting her nose into the middle of war plans is the least of her concerns. She needs to survive the streets of Alexandria with her former captor on the loose, find her betrothed, and try not to get killed in battle. 

How will she convince Benjamin Franklin to mind his business and help prevent the march? 
Can her relationship with Henry keep her in 1755 or will she find her way back to 2020?

The Time Writer and The March is a Historical Time Travel Adventure exploring 18th Century Colonial America and Braddock’s March, through the wit and mindset of a 21st Century woman.


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Digital cover for The Time Writer and The Cloak A historical time travel adventure, Alex R Crawford, image of woman wearing green cloak in dark alley walking into bright light time portal