The Cloak

Digital cover for The Time Writer and The Cloak A historical time travel adventure, Alex R Crawford, image of woman wearing green cloak in dark alley walking into bright light time portal

Beware of doorways through time… and dark alleys

Author Amelia Murray and her family travels to Edinburgh, Scotland, before their move to Washington DC. While picking up an overpriced cloak, she is chased into a close where she steps through a door and is thrust back to the late 17th Century.

Amelia, believing she is somehow stuck in the middle of a renaissance fair, visits Edinburgh Castle, helps thwart a kidnapping, and finds herself in a pub mingling with pirates.

She must find her way home and to her own time, while avoid being thrown in prison as a witch.

How will she get back to her time when she doesn’t realize that she has been thrown back three hundred years to the past?

The Time Writer and The Cloak is a Historical Time Travel Adventure exploring 17th Century Edinburgh, through the wit and mindset of a 21st Century woman.

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Reading Order

Prequel: The Cloak

Season 1 1750s Virginia – French and Indian War

Book 1: The Notebook

Book 2: The March

Book 3: The Hunt

Season 2 1690s – The Golden Age of Piracy

Book 4: The Escape

Book 5: The Chase (Preorder Now)

Book 6: The Surrender (Tentative release: May 2024)

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