The Hunt

digital cover of The Time Writer and The Hunt, book 3 in The Time Writer series by Alex R Crawford. A woman wearing cloak, flanked by 2 Irish Wolfhounds, sees a historical soldier shooting a rifle through a time portal

Beware of doorways through time… and a fool’s gold

 Amelia Spencer, reluctant time traveler, has two goals: settle down with Henry, and get a cat. Hunted by Casper, Amelia and Henry tumble back in time to late 1755.  Surviving Braddock’s March was easier than being hunted by a former so-called friend.

 A drought has devastated crops throughout the colony. Attacks on frontier homesteads are on the rise. And Lord and Lady Spencer have a little problem with safekeeping their stash of Blackbeard’s treasure.

How will she keep her newfound family safe from enemies close-to-home and dangers on the frontier?

The Time Writer and The Hunt is a Historical Time Travel Adventure exploring the struggles of the Colonial Virginia frontier and the hidden treasures of the past, through the wit and mindset of a 21st Century woman.


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Reading Order

Prequel: The Cloak

Season 1 1750s Virginia – French and Indian War

Book 1: The Notebook

Book 2: The March

Book 3: The Hunt

Season 2 1690s – The Golden Age of Piracy

Book 4: The Escape

Book 5: The Chase (Tentative release: January 2024)

Book 6: The Surrender (Tentative release: May 2024)

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