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The Time Writer and The Notebook
A Historical Time Travel Adventure

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September 6, 2022

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Watch out for doorways through time… and the French
While on a fact-finding trip, author Amelia Murray slips back in time to Colonial Virginia, leaving her friends and college-aged daughter behind.
Taken hostage by a French company, she must keep her notebook, with the dates and locations of battles for a young George Washington, safe or it could lead to his early death and the demise of the future United States.
Amelia must escape the French, retrieve her notebook, and save Washington. Oh, yeah! And get back to her own time, without changing the course of history.  
How is a modern-day woman going to survive Colonial America on the brink of war?

Hey there!

I’m Alex R Crawford!

Author of Historical Time Travel Adventure.

My The Time Writer, a Historical Time Travel Adventure series debuts September 2022.

Follow Amelia’s slip through time, where she is pulled into adventures throughout Colonial Virginia. Join her as she tries to escape the French, thwart plans to eliminate 22 year old George Washington, and find her way back to her own time.

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