What is an ARC?

What is an ARC? Alex R Crawford’s initials? Well, yes. However, in this case ARC refers to Advance Review Copy. It is an opportunity to read Alex’s books before they are published. In return, you will provide an honest and helpful review to help other readers decide if they would like the book.

There are a limited number of ARC’s available for each book, so signing up does not guarantee you will receive a copy of every book. The format of the ARC is delivered as an ebook through a link sent through Bookfunnel.

Although Alex’s books are available through your favorite online bookstore, please be prepared to leave a review on Amazon. In addition, you can leave a review at multiple bookstores, social media, blogs, and GoodReads, to name a few.

If you are selected to join Alex’s ARC team, you will receive additional emails including:

  • Introductory email
  • Link to receive ebook Advance Review Copy sent through Bookfunnel
  • Links to online retailers or review sites
  • Reminder and follow-up emails

Note: Only active email subscribers are eligible to receive ARCs. If you are not signed up, head on over to the newsletter sign-up page.

Contact Information


Alex writes Historical Time Travel Adventure, which crosses from Historical Fiction (she calls herself a History Anarchist), Time Travel, and Adventure. We want to make sure you read the type of books you are likely to love.

Alex will send out ARCs with as much advance as possible. If you are unable to read or review a book because of a scheduling conflict, please let Alex know when you receive the invitation to review.


To find your Amazon review page: Go to Amazon > your account > profile (under your order and shopping preferences) > public profile. Copy the URL at the top of the page.
New to leaving book reviews? No problem! Review a couple of recent books you have read.


Alex is an independent author, trying to make the donuts by stringing words together. Piracy is hurtful, illegal, and immoral. Just don’t do it! Please respect Alex’s copyright, production expenses, time, and everything else that is associated with being a novelist by not copying, sharing, reproducing, or using the file in any manner not intended.

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